Trenchless (No-Dig) Pipe Lining Service in Connecticut

Superior Sewer & Drain Service is the go-to company for pipe lining in Connecticut. Through extensive training and on the field experience, homeowners, residents and businesses alike  count on us to repair and restore their sewer lines with a pipe liner. 

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Pipelining is a revolutionary method in plumbing that involves installing a seamless liner with resin inside your existing pipes, rather than replacing them entirely. Simply speaking, it restores the functionality of your plumbing system without the need for extensive excavation or disruption to your property.

What is a Trenchless Pipe Liner? 

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Get a Trenchless Pipe Liner in 5 Easy Steps

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Camera Inspection:
We'll assess the condition of your pipes to ensure your pipe qualifies for a pipe liner. A camera inspection is also required to come up with a gameplan tailored to your specific pipeline.

 The pipes are cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris or buildup.

 Liner Installation:
A flexible liner coated with epoxy resin is inserted into the pipes.

The resin is cured, forming a strong, seamless liner that adheres to the interior of the pipes.

Final Inspection:
The pipes are inspected once again to ensure the quality and integrity of the lining.


Do You Qualify for A Pipe Liner?

You experience frequent main line blockages or backups

Your underground plumbing system is 30+ years old

You notice sinkholes or cracked slabs above the route of your sewer line

If you smell sewage in the vicinity of your underground pipes 

A Pipe liner is not the solution to fix a completely crushed section of your pipe, to remedy a belly in your pipe, or if your pipe is  simply too fragile/corroded to handle the installation.  If you are experiencing any of these signs below, we urge you give us a call as soon as you can. Addressing these issues now by installing a pipe liner can save you from costly excavations later on. 

The Go-To Pipe Lining Company in Connecticut

With over 100 hrs in pipe lining training and with over 50K feet of pipe lining installed throughout Connecticut & beyond under our belt, we are experienced